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Since 1979...

The Walia Group of Industries

Established in 1979, we at Walia Group, have taken growth to the next level with consistency in performance. This has enabled us to successfully gather a large clientele who have formed strong professional bonding with us. We are committed to using the finest in quality and expeditious delivery. Our vision is to be a global supplier of world-class quality for high precision forged & machined components in auto and non-auto sector; by providing path breaking services & quick turnaround time, thereby exceeding customer expectations.


We are a system based organization having a strong vendor base and manpower of skilled workers and engineers, among other staff. Our ladder to success and a pivotal role in our steady growth is our skilled, flexible & enterprising manpower who put their best foot forward in a competitive work environment, enabling us to offer realistic lead times in the most cost-effective and consistent manner.

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Our Mission

Create value for all customer & business associates in the area of forged and machined components with continuous improvement of processes through technological and environmental sustainability, highest quality and efficient management. We shall synergies active partnership of our highly motivated employee’s commitment for the highest standards& practices, with a sense of individual pride and company spirit.

Achieving Excellence

We are inspired and aiming to be a world recognised engineering and manufacturing company in the machining and forging industry in India and to rest of the world. We endeavour to create a diverse product range of international standards that delivers unparalleled performance and reliability.

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Our People

We exhibit manufacturing excellence powered by constant upgradation of our knowledge and by developing skilled manpower, as our people are the backbone of our organization. With perseverance and desire to excel, we have developed a niche for ourselves in the auto component industry.

Environmental Policies

  • Ensuring proper disposal of all types of wastage

  • Creating awareness by following eco-friendly work practices

  • Creating a healthy and safe working environment

  • Complying with government & environmental regulations

  • Conserving resources such as power, water, oil &
    compressed air

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Environmental Policies/ Green Initiatives
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