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Our machining facility houses the latest and the best of technology. Our team of exceptionally agile engineers are receptive and pro-active to absolute details of your project.


Walia Auto specializes in the manufacturing and supply of high precision machined components and parts to the automobile, locomotive, aerospace, agriculture machinery, and space research sectors. The manufacture and engineering landscape is changing with time. From conventional systems and technologies to electric and advanced fueling systems, the future will require new and innovative adaptations, from technologies, materials, and designs for machining companies in India.


With unsurpassed materials and manufacturing expertise, global capacity, and an unwavering commitment to quality, Walia Auto Ancillaries is the international partner of choice for automotive & transportation suppliers requiring the unique, high-performance properties of technical expertise. 


Among the best Precision Machining Companies located in Pune, India, realize the competitive edge with the Walia Group of Companies!

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